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Arcángel – El Favorito (English Translation) Lyrics

Listen to the song and read the Spanish Lyrics and English Translation of “El Favorito” interpreted by Arcángel.

About This Song:

Artist: Arcángel
Song: El Favorito
Translation: The Favorite
Genre: rap
Album: Los Favoritos 2
Released Date: October 16, 2020

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English Translation

Like I was saying, I would like to make a song that motivates to the kids, got it? But I don’t know if I’m the best to give them advices, but

I’m the favorite, yo
Of my mom, of my children and of my hood
That’s why I don’t compete, yo
I’m thankful to God for makes me who I am now

I used to be someone that nobody knows (Wow), yeah
I went out of the place that today I represent
And it was not a lie, mhm
At the end I got calm and my best award is my son

In the name of Lucero (his daughter)
I swore I will have always money until I die
Loyalty to the neighborhood, a few hit men
That they fed me and a some money daily

Yeah-yeah-yeah, and I got my respect
I hit the one who humiliated me, the weight fell completely on him
We bought a couple of kilos and we went to the North
And as an artist I’ve fill seven passports (Auh!)

So, I personally had a mother who, poorly, without being able many times, gave me everything. My advice for these boys who are making music now is not to talk about things that, that you didn’t have to go through. I at least have sung what I have lived. But it doesn’t mean that I’m proud of it

Haha, nope, at all
I already left everything behind, I only smoke marijuana
I never was vicious, I’ve been good
Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be a successful man

I grew up with a pair of friends, of those that don’t believe in anything
Spoiled and two or three thieves
Rogue, criminal and murderer
Thanks to God, he put another path on my way

Amen, now I celebrate with wine
Following the advices of my mother, she used to tell me to always be elegant, yo
And remember that in the end everything is known
Honor, loyalty and respect, that’s the key

And until the end of my days, until the oxygen runs out and the rain comes from the bottom to up and the sea dries up, I will continue to represent my relatives in decency. And I can attest to that, Capisce? Meanwhile I will continue learning, because when you are gone I will be the one who will take care of the family. Remember, whoever comes, we are The Favorites, prra

Spanish Lyrics

Por lo que te estaba diciendo e’ que a mĂ­ me gustarĂ­a hacer una canciĂłn. Que, que motive a lo’ chamaquito’, Âżviste? Pero no e’ un sentido lo que e’ que yo le’ vo’a decir. No sĂ© si yo tengo la imagen pa’ estar dando consejo’ ni na’, pero

Yo soy el favorito, yo’
De mi madre, de mis hijo’ y de mi barrio
Por eso e’ que no compito, yo’
Gracia’ a Dio’ yo le doy por convertirme en quien soy

Ante’ yo era un chiquito (Wow), sĂ­
Yo salí de un callejón quе hoy en día represеnto
Y no e’ un mito, ajá
Al final llegĂł la calma y mi mayor premio e’ Austincito

En el nombre de Lucero
Juré tener por siempre hasta que yo me muera mi dinero
Lealta’ pa’l barrio, uno’ cuanto’ sicario’
Que me daban de comer y par de peso’ pa’l diario

Yeah-yeah-yeah, y me puse pa’ mi respeto
Le metĂ­ al que me humillĂł, el peso le cayĂł completo
Compramo’ un par de kilo’, le dimo’ pa’l norte
Y guilla’o de artista ya van siete pasaporte’ (¡Auh!)

Entonce’, yo personalmente tuve una madre que, pobremente, sin poder muchas vece’ me lo dio todo. Mi consejo pa’ esto’ chamaquito’ que están haciendo mĂşsica ahora es que no hablen de cosa’ que, que ustede’ no tuvieron que pasar. Yo por lo meno’ he cantado lo que he vivido. Pero no quiere decir que yo estoy orgulloso de eso

Jaja, nope, para nada
Ya dejé todo atrás, solo fumo marihuana
Nunca fui vicioso, bueno he sido
Desde pequeño siempre quise ser un hombre poderoso

Me crĂ­e con par de pana’, de eso’ que no creen en na’
Malcriado’ y do’ o tre’ malamañoso’
Pillo, delincuente y asesino
Gracia’ a Dio’, me puso en mi destino otro camino

Amén, ahora celebro con vino
Siguiendo los consejo’ de mi madre, que siempre pisara fino, yo’
Y recuerda que al final todo se sabe
Honor, lealtad y respeto, esa e’ la clave

Y hasta el final de mis dĂ­a’, hasta que se acabe el oxĂ­geno y la lluvia salga de abajo para arriba y se seque el mar, seguirĂ© representando a mis pariente’ en la decencia. Y de eso doy fe, capisce? Mientra’ tanto seguirĂ© aprendiendo, porque al final cuando tĂş no estĂ©’ serĂ© yo quien cuidara la familia. Recuerda, que venga quien venga, nosotro’ somo’ Los Favorito’, prra

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