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Bad Bunny – Booker T (Lyrics & English Translation)

Listen to the song and read the Spanish Lyrics and English Translation of “Booker T” interpreted by Bad Bunny.

About This Song

Artists: Bad Bunny
Song: Booker T
Genres: rap, trap
Album: El Último Tour del Mundo
Release Date: November 27, 2020

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The name of the song alludes to former American professional wrestler Booker T, who has been a world champion in WCW and the iconic WWE.

Bad Bunny is quite known for making constant references to wrestling, both movements and wrestlers. He himself has openly said that he considers this sport a passion and inspiration. So much so, that the official video for “Chambea” featured wrestling star Ric Flair.



English Translation

I got them dancing “La Pelúa”
And whoever doesn’t dance is gonna meet my gorilas
Sons of a b**ch, don’t provoke me
Read the numbers so that you educate yourself
I don’t make songs, I make anthems so that they don’t expire
In this genre, I was a hadouken (Ey, ey, ey)

And they became extinct like the dinosaurs
Before you turn me off, the sun will go out
We came up and broke the еlevator
The attack that Bulbasaur thrеw

Ah, f**king Bunny
Now I look at them from above and from afar, ey
I don’t answer DMs, no, talk to my manager

But he’ll also ignore
I swear that I didn’t want to become as thug as this, ey
I smoked all my kush, shh, I’m getting bored of f**king too

And I’m a millionaire without using Richard
If Yankee retires we’ll switch
I’m going to be the boss, and they’re going to sign me
My name is always going to be heard

Because I’m at my peak
I’m at my peak (I’m the MVP)
I’m a king, champion, Booker T (Wuh, wuh, wuh)

I’m at my peak
I’m at my peak, ha (I’m the MVP)
Look at what I became (Look at me, look at me)

My composer award bothers you all
But it’s that no one composes now
None of these people write their own songs, so don’t get excited

The most-sold album in this f**king year
I took you guys to school, the whole world trying to make its sequel
They stay in line, no one strains me

Shake it, brown-skinned girl, shake it
Shake it, brown-skinned girl, eh
Bad Bunny took all the awards and the b*stard didn’t even go

You all paying to go viral
Me hitting my songs without doing promo for them
People ask how
Since I was a kid, they know how we are
I never ask for Tenki

I’m coco, you guys baking
Booker T throwing me a breaking
I’m at my peak, bastard (Ey, ey, ey, ey, ey)
I’m going to stay MVP, b*stard, ey

I’m a king, champion, Booker T, ey
I’m at my peak, ey
And I’m going to stay at my peak, ey
Look at me, that you what? that you what? Nah-nah
B*stard, you’re fake

Can you dig it, sucker?
Ey, ey
I’m not even gonna show off, give it repeat, b*stard
So that you see that I’m really f**king good

Spanish Lyrics

Los pongo a bailar “La Pelúa”
Y el que no baile que lo despeluquen
Hijuep**a’, no me cuquen
Lean los números pa’ que se eduquen
Yo no hago cancione’, hago himnos pa’ que no caduquen
En este género yo fui un hadouken (Ey, ey, ey)

Y se extinguieron como los dinosaurs
Antes que me apague’ se apaga el sol
Subimo’ y rompimo’ el ascensor
El prepa que les tiró Bulbasaur

Ah, maldito Conejo
Ahora los miro de arriba y de lejo’, ey
No contesto DM, no, hablen con mi manejo

Pero él también va a pichear
Te juro que yo no me quise embichar, ey
Le metí a toa’ mis kush, shh, ya me aburro hasta ‘e chichar

Y yo sí soy milly sin usar Richard
Yankee se retira y vamo’ a switchear
Voy a ser el jefe, me van a fichar
Mi nombre por siempre se va a escuchar

Porque estoy en mi peak
Estoy en mi peak (Soy MVP)
Soy un rey, campeón, Booker T (Wuh, wuh, wuh)

Estoy en mi peak
Estoy en mi peak, ja (Soy MVP)
Mírame en lo que me convertí (Mírame, mírame)

Les molesta mi premio de compositor
Pero es que ya nadie compone
Ninguna ‘e esta gente escriben sus canciones, so no se emocionen

El disco más vendi’o de este p*to año
Los llevé pa’ la escuela, to’ el mundo tratando de hacerle secuela
Siguen en la fila, nadie se me cuela

Cheki, morena, cheki
Cheki, morena, eh
Bad Bunny se llevó to’ los premio’ y el cabr*n ni fue

Ustedes pagando pa’ irse virale’
Yo pegando temas sin hacerle’ promo
La gente se pregunta cómo
Desde chamaquito saben cómo somo’
Nunca pido Tenki

Yo soy coco, ustede’ bakin’
Booker T tirándome un breaking
Estoy en mi peak, cabr*n (Ey, ey, ey, ey, ey)
Y vo’a seguir MVP, cabr*n, ey

Soy un rey, campeón, Booker T, ey
Estoy en mi peak, ey
Y vo’a seguir en mi peak, ey
Mírame, ¿que tú qué? ¿que tú qué? Nah-nah
Cabr*n, tú eres feka

Can you dig it, sucker?
Ey, ey
Ni voy a frontear, darle a repeat, cabr*n
Pa’ que veas que estoy bien hijue**ta

Credits: Original Lyrics were taken from and we translated this song from Spanish to English.

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