May 18, 2024

Despedida Daniel Santos (English Translation) Lyrics

Here we show you the English Translation of “Despedida Daniel Santos”. Lyrics translated from Spanish to English.

About This Song

Artist: Daniel Santos
Song: Despedida Daniel Santos
Genres: Bolero

Despedida Daniel Santos English Translation

I come to say goodbye to the boys
Because soon I’m leaving for the war
And even though I’ll go fight in other lands
I will save my right, my country, and my faith

I already said goodbye to my beloved
And asked her by God to never cry
To always remember my loves that
I will never forget about her

It breaks my heart and condemns me
To leave my dear mother all alone
My poor little mother who is so old
Who will comfort her in my absence

Who will do her a favor if she needs it
Who will help her if she gets sick
Who will speak of me if she asks
About this son who may never come back

Who will pray for her if she dies
Who will put a flower on her grave
Who will share my bitterness if
I come back and don’t find my mother

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