May 20, 2024

José Antonio Lucha Reyes (English Translation) Lyrics

Here we show you the English Translation of “JosĂ© Antonio Lucha Reyes”. Lyrics translated from Spanish to English.

About This Song

Artist: Lucha Reyes
Song: José Antonio Lucha Reyes
Genres: Rancheras

José Antonio Lucha Reyes English Translation

Along a path comes riding José Antonio
He comes from the cliff to see the amancaes flower
In a creole berebere he travels along the way
With jipi japa scarf and a white linen poncho
As the morning runs his memory plays
And with joyful frolic the horse gallops

June’s fine drizzle kisses both his cheeks
And four hooves singing go on the way to amancaes

How handsome is my horseman, how elegant and gallant
He holds the fine silk rein, which is white and red
How sweetly he controls the bit with just silk ribbons
When making a graceful turn to the creole berebere

Jose Antonio, José Antonio, why did you leave me here?
When I see you again, may it be June and drizzling
I will snuggle up to your back under your linen poncho
And in the hat ribbons I want to see the amancaes
That you pick for me when the road takes you
In that golden dream of your paso horse
That Peruvian paso

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