May 19, 2024

Lunay – Interludio / Reporte Del Tiempo (Lyrics & English Translation)

Here we show you the Lyrics in Spanish and English Translation of “Interludio / Reporte Del Tiempo” interpreted by Lunay feat. Susan Soltero, for his album “El Niño“.

About This Song

Artist: Lunay
Featuring: Susan Soltero
Song: Interludio / Reporte Del Tiempo
Translation: Interlude / Weather Report
Genre: spoken
Album: El Niño
Release Date: May 21, 2021

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English Translation

We stop our programming because I have an urgent notice to share with you
You know that the “El Niño” phenomenon, uhm, occurs every eleven years
But the “El Niño Lunay” phenomenon happens occurs only once in a lifetime
Susan Soltero’s forecast does not fail, hahahahahahaha
This week’s forecast: a lot of twerk
This is a party of ba-ba-ba-ba—, a party of ba-ba-ba-ba—
This is a party of ba-ba-ba-ba—, party of be-be-be— hahahaha

Probably Lunay refers that it’s a party for babies (shawties)

Spanish Lyrics

Paramo’ nuestra programación porque tengo un aviso urgente para compartir con ustedes
Ustedes saben que el fenómeno de El Niño, eh, ocurre cada once años
Pero el fenómeno de El Niño Lunay ocurre una sola vez en la vida
Ya el pronostico de Susan Soltero no falla, jajajajajajaja
Pronostico de ésta semana: mucho perreo
Esto e’ un party de be-be-be-be—, un party be-be-be-bе—
Esto es un party de be-bе-be-be—, party de be-be-be—

Credits: Spanish Lyrics were taken from and we translated this song from Spanish to English.

Lunay – El Niño (English Translations)

01. El Niño
02. Dale Banda
03. Todo O Nada (feat. Anitta)
04. Vudú (feat. Chencho Corleone & Chris Jedi)
05. Interludio / Reporte Del Tiempo
06. Party DB (feat. Giovakartoons)
07. TBC (Te Besé)
08. Le Gusta Que La Vean
09. Otra No (feat. Bryant Myers & Zion)
10. Ya No Me Muerdo
11. La Mini (feat. Chanell & Juliito)
12. Enero
13. Se Cansó
14. Tú Sí (feat. Chris Jedi)
15. Best Life

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