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Ă‘ejo ft. Various Artists – Mi Estilo de Vida II (English Translation) Lyrics

Listen to the song and read the Spanish Lyrics and English Translation of “Mi Estilo de Vida II” interpreted by Ă‘ejo feat. Miky Woodz, Myke Towers, Ă‘engo Flow, Rauw Alejandro, Kenai & Arcángel.

About This Song

Artist: Ă‘ejo
Featuring: Miky Woodz, Myke Towers, Ñengo Flow, Rauw Alejandro, Kenai & Arcángel
Song: Mi Estilo de Vida II
Translation: My Lifestyle II
Genres: rap, trap
Released Date: August 6, 2020

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It took more time than expected to do this translation and I know it is not perfect but I did my best, so if you have any suggestion to improve it, I would like if you leave a comment with your correction, thank you.

English Translation


Yo, this is my lifestyle, my f**king lifestyle, motherf**ker
Real G4 Life, baby
My lifestyle, yeh, my lifestyle, yeh
I’m gon’ lick your ass in the ocean suite

[Verse 1: Arcángel]

I’m gonna lick your p**sy in the private jet
Times have changed and I’m still in good condition
I’m still giving current, I’m not retired yet
I look at the sky and thank to God for everything I got

Look at these four (?), I’m (?)
Since the beginning I have been quoted
I don’t compite with anybody else, I’m placed
My repertoire speaks for me although I am silent

And I moved to Miami, a nice choice
I was the first rapper that bought a Rolls Royce
No matter how much it shines, I have a clear vision
I didn’t change my person when I appeared on TV

[Verse 2: Rauw Alejandro]

God has never failed me, he has heard my prayers
Those girls ask for Rauw, they want me everywhere
If the blunt is already rolled it, then why the f**k it is not light up yet?
I run with the Sensei, making a burn-out

And I bought the TRD in cash
The street, Domican Republic, just in case I (?)
I never changed my fellas, we parked it in the (valet?)
She’s not skinny anymore, I saved it, I paid for all the babies

There’s no more weed, I don’t crash (Yeh)
What I want, fearless, I buy it (Oh-oh)
Nothing is missing in the fridge (Ah)
And if the people of my block need me, I respond (Uh)

[Chorus: Rauw Alejandro & Myke Towers]

We used to be f**ked up, but now we can show off
Things have changed, nothing is the same anymore
Those who didn’t believe on me can su*k my d**k
HĂ©ctor Lavoe told me that my luck was going to change

We used to be f**ked up, but now we can show off
Things have changed, nothing is the same anymore
Those who didn’t believe on me can su*k my d**k
HĂ©ctor Lavoe told me that everything has an end

[Verso 3: Myke Towers]

Young Kingz
When we used to be f**ked up, they didn’t want to
They got jealous because it seems like I won the lottery
It’s not luck, it’s God blessing me
And because they’re f**ked up they blame me

I don’t play basketball anymore, but I adore to Michael Jordan
I got so many sneakers that they went out of fashion and I never wore it
I got a f**king flow and I’m gon’ overshadow to who opposes against me
There’s money to pay an attorney just in case we need him

And I rather a crave where I was born than a prison abroad
The world is yours, I have women around the world
Who rejects you, wants me, I’m wearing clothes that blind you
If I make my dudes to intercede, it’s impossible for them to back off

Those who didn’t believe are fighting for s**king my d**k
In the lyrics I feel like I’m in Barbosa, Angelo
Those h0es that used to ignore me, now are calling me to f**k with me
B**ch, I’m chill in the dangerous places

Connected, respected and protected
For those that play with the guns like if it were Guitar Hero
Just because I changed my life they think I’m the chosen
B**ch, I don’t know if it’s because my style that everything I drop, became a hit
I don’t sleep, I’m always taking care of myself

Before I was broken and famous, but we had to get it
The street is as hot as the hell
And when I die I want everybody to pull the trigger
And shoot to the air at my funeral, Young Kingz

[Verso 4: Miky Woodz]

It feels f**king good being on the top
I feel like flow Ortiz, the bank account is good
I don’t fail, my bro, what I (?)
I became the Harden of these Houston Rockets

My lifestyle changed but not me
All the show are sold out without promotion
They want to show off, brother and I’m wondering how
I keep growing without fertilizer

I bought a house, the kid has the future done
My name is gonna be permanent in the game, so I put my chest for that
I’m still on the prowl, the (?) is over
That my luck was gonna change, said HĂ©ctor Lavoe, and I believed him

Thanks God for blessing me, thanks mom for give birth to me
And also for telling me that I was gonna be the last on laugh
That for my mind never crossed the idea of give me up
Though all these b4st4rds wanted to sink my ship
I’m done, Miky Woodz

[Verse 5: Ă‘engo Flow]

I hadn’t a sh*t, now I have everything
I used to buy on mitan and now what I buy are glocks
Those h03s know who’s the boss, her p**sy got wet
She arrived at my room and undress herself

She wants to ride on my banshee, the mottor
She also wants me to show her how to shoot with my pistol
The blessings in my life are so f**king good
Because I got all my man standing on the canvas

The king of the kings, the king is that one, the owner of the crownd
And thanks to him I got a flow that doesn’t forgive
Stadiums full, rapping to support my family
On my mind just glority, Real G forever
The best

Get me a h03, moreover, I want two
Just God is above me
People that are above me just two
My dad and my mom that gave birth to me

[Verso 6: Kenai]

So mami, come because I’ll take you to the Heaven
They get frustrated because I go up where they can’t
And tell him that what he wants I already got it
And I bought you a perfume, wear it when you smoke

Ayy, damn, I broke down everything
They’re dreaming that I give up, but I won’t
Destroying them by my own, and to your b**ches I took off their panties
I don’t stress, but if I stres I melt them

I’m sounding in all the districts
I send a kiss to the babies

So mami, come because I’ll take you to the Heaven
They get frustrated because I go up where they can’t
And tell him that what he wants I already got it
And I bought you a perfume, wear it when you smoke

[Verse 7: Ă‘ejo]

You’re gonna s**k my dick in the Marriott suite
I’m millionaire, not gangster nor hitman
I get my money killing the league in stadiums
I think you have listened to me sounding on the radio

Get you a h03, moreover, get two
Above me is just God
People above me just two
My dad that kept me up and my mom that raised me up

What up mami, what do you fancy?
I tell her four horny girls and she blushes
I got the paper flower, got the sheet
She says she’s not wearing panties, she wants me to f**k her

And maybe I don’t deserve what I have
But dad wanted it and pointed to Carlos Crespo
The bucks, I put them in the bank, or I spend it on me
I spend them on a b**ch and I f**k her

I save some bucks, I spend the rest
The new Mercedes, the rest in weed
It’s that ugly, it’s that fat, I do it so f**king nice, or are you deaf?
Your girl wants to have s3x

Mo money, mo problems, as Biggie used to say
F**k that sh*t, light up another phillie
My past is black, but with that I flex
And don’t wait for me tonight because I think I won’t arrive

[Interlude: Ă‘ejo]

Hold on, hold on, hold on
Stop the beat for a while
Because I wrote a new verse, 2020

[Verse 8: Ă‘ejo]

I remember when I used to be so f**ked up
The only check that was made out to me
It was from the coupons, what the f**k?
Sneakers that I wear once, and then never wear them again

How cool to be great as HĂ©ctor said
But it’s better to be humble than be a fucking insect
My lifestyle changed, I got some dollars
But according to the progress also come the stumbles

When I get up I sin, when I go to bed I pray
A way of living that not everybody has access
But I don’t even know when a hug is for real
I don’t even realize when a new deal is for real

That’s why I don’t care what the hell people are talking about
After the old gets to the Western
And haters can really suck my nuts
And of course I’m going to lick your ass again, bae


It’s my lifestyle, my f**kin’ lifestyle, motherf**ker
My lifestyle 2020
What up, Colo
Champion Sound, Elektrik, what happened?
Nely, b4st4rd

Spanish Lyrics


Wo’, esto es mi estilo de vida, my f**kin’ lifestyle, motherf**ker
Real G4 Life, baby
Mi estilo de vida, yeh, mi estilo de vida, yeh
Te vo’a mamar el c*lo en la suite del mar

[Verso 1: Arcángel]

Te vo’a mamar el toto, en el jet privado
Los tiempo’ han cambiado y sigo en buen estado
AĂşn sigo dando corriente, no me he retira’o
Miro al cielo y agradezco por to’ lo que me he busca’o

Mira estas cuatro gomas, ando bien montado
Desde el principio ‘e todo el tiempo he estado cotizado
Ya no compito con nadie, estoy posiciona’o
Mi repertorio habla solo aunque yo estĂ© calla’o

Y me mudé a Miami, tremendo choice
El primero de los rapero’ con un Rolls Royce
No importa lo que brille, tengo clara mi visiĂłn
No cambié mi persona cuando me vi en televisión

[Verso 2: Rauw Alejandro]

Dios nunca me ha falla’o, mis oraciones ha escucha’o
Las nenas piden Rauw, me quieren en to’ la’o
Si el blunt está enrola’o, Âżpor quĂ© c*rajo está apaga’o?
Con Los Sensei burla’o, haciendo un burn-out

Y la TRD en efectivo la compré
La calle, R.D., por si acaso la’ chambeĂ©
Los mĂ­os nunca cambiĂ©, no parqueamo’ en el valet
Ya no está flaca, la guardé, toda mami la saldé

Ya no hay má’ weed, no choco (Yeh)
Lo que quiero sin miedo lo compro (Oh-oh)
A la nevera no me falta nada (Ah)
Y a la gente de mi barrio, si me necesitan respondo (Uh)

[Coro: Rauw Alejandro & Myke Towers]

Estábamo’ jodĂ­os’, ahora podemo’ frontear
Las cosas han cambiado, ya nada es igual
Los que no creyeron me lo pueden mamar
HĂ©ctor Lavoe me decĂ­a que mi suerte iba a cambiar

Estábamo’ jodĂ­o’, ahora podemo’ frontear
Las cosa’ han cambiado, ya nada e’ igual
Lo’ que no creĂ­an me lo pueden mamar
HĂ©ctor Lavoe me decĂ­a: “Todo tiene su final”

[Verso 3: Myke Towers]

Young Kingz
Cuando estabamo’ en cero no querĂ­an
Cogieron envidia porque parece que me saqué la lotería
Eso no e’ suerte, eso e’ Dio’ bendiciendo con punterĂ­a
Y como están jodĂ­o’ miran como que la culpa e’ mĂ­a

Ya ni juego basket, pero adoro a Michael Jordan
Tengo tanta’ teni’ que se van de moda sin que me la’ ponga
Flow con cojone’, vo’a opacar al que se oponga
Hay dinero pa’l abogado, pa’ por si no’ cae la tondra

Y prefiero una tumba donde nacĂ­ que una celda afuera
El mundo e’ tuyo, tengo mujere’ regá’ por to’a la esfera
La que te pichea me cela, me adornan prenda’ que ciegan
Si hago que lo’ mĂ­o’ intercerdan e’ imposible que retrocedan

Lo’ que no creĂ­an ahora están pelĂ©andose por mamármelo
En la letra me siento en Barbosa, Angelo
Lo’ c*lo’ que ante’ ignoraban, hoy llaman pa’ dármelo
C*brĂłn, yo siempre estoy relax en lo’ lugare’ dangerous

Conecta’o, respeta’o y protegido
Por los que juegan con lo’ palo’ como si fuera Guitar Hero
Como a mi vida le di un giro piensan que soy el elegido
C*brĂłn, yo no sĂ© si e’ mi estilo pero se pega to’ lo que tiro
Yo no me duermo, siempre me cuido

Ante’ estaba broke and famous, pero tuvimo’ que hacerno’
El calentón de la calle está casi igual que el infierno
Y cuando me muera quiero que to’ el mundo se enganche en lo’ fierro’
Disparen pa’l aire en mi entierro, Young Kingz

[Verso 4: Miky Woodz]

Se siente cabr*n ‘tar en el tope
Me siento flow lo’ OrtĂ­z, la cuenta ‘e banco a galope
Yo no fallo, mi herma, lo que zumbo e’ boque
Me convertĂ­ en el Harden de esto Houston Rockets

Mi estilo de vida cambiĂł, pero yo no
Los show se llenan to’ hasta sin promo
Ello’ quieren frontearme, brother, y me pregunto cĂłmo
Sigo creciendo sin abono

Compré casa, ya el nene tiene el futuro hecho
Mi nombre va a ser permanente en el juego, so pecho por eso
Sigo al acecho, la sagaera se acabĂł
Que mi suerte iba a cambiar dijo HĂ©ctor Lavoe, y le creĂ­

Gracia’ Dio’ por bendecirme, a mi mai’ por parirme a mĂ­
Y por decirme que yo iba a ser el Ăşltimo en reĂ­rme
Que por mi mente nunca pasara eso de rendirme
Aunque esto’ c*brone’ el barco quieran hundirme
I’m done, Miky Wood’

[Verso 5: Ă‘engo Flow]

No tenĂ­a una puñeta, ahora tengo de to’
Yo ante’ compraba en mitan y ahora lo que compro e’ Glock
Las p*ta’ saben quien e’ el boss, el toto se le mojĂł
En mi cuarto aterrizĂł y se desvistiĂł

La mami quiere que la monte en el banshee, la motora
También quiere que le enseñe a disparar con mi pistola
Las bendicione’ de mi vida están bien c*brona’
Porque tengo a to’ lo’ mĂ­o’ (?) encima ‘e la lona

El Rey de Reyes, el rey es ese, el dueño ‘e la corona
Y gracias a Ă©l yo cargo un flow que no perdona
Llenando estadio’, cantando rap pa’ mantener la family
Dentro ‘e mi mente solo glority, Real G hasta la eternity
The best

BĂşscame una p*ta, es má’, que sean do’
Por encima’ ‘e mĂ­, solamente papá Dios
Persona’ por encima ‘e mĂ­, solamente do’
Mi pai’ que e’ un berraco y mi mai’ que me pariĂł

[Verso 6: Kenai]

So, mami, vente que te llevo a las nubes
Se frustran porque yo subo donde no suben
Y dile que lo que quiere ya lo tuve
Y te comprĂ© un perfume, te perfuma’ cuando fumes

A-A-A-Ay, bendito’ lo’ rompĂ­ a toĂ­to’
Su-Su-Sueñan que me quito, pero yo no me quito
DestruyĂ©ndolo’ solito, y a tu gata lo’ pantie’ le quito
Yo no me agito, pero si me agito me desquito y lo’ derrito

Sonando en todo’ los distrito’
A la’ nena’ le’ envĂ­o un besito

So, mami, vente que te llevo a las nubes
Se frustran porque yo subo donde no suben
Y dile que lo que quiere ya lo tuve
Y te compré un perfume, te perfumas cuando fumes

[Verso 7: Ă‘ejo]

Me va’ a mamar el bicho en la suite del Marriott
Ya soy millonario, no gánster ni sicario
Me busco los fondo’ matando la liga en estadio’
Yo creo que me has oĂ­do sonando en la radio

BĂşscate una p*ta, es má’, que sean do’
Por encima ‘e mĂ­ solamente papá Dio’
Personas por encima ‘e mĂ­ solamente hay do’
Mi pai’ que me mantuvo, mi mai’ que me criĂł

Dímelo mami, ¿qué se te antoja?
Le digo cuatro bellaquera’ y se sonroja
Tengo el paper flower, bĂşscate la hoja
Dice que no tiene pantie’, quiere que la coja

Y a lo mejor na’ de lo que tengo me lo merezco
Pero a papá le dio la gana y apuntó a Carlos Crespo
Los chavo’, al banco los meto, o me los meto
Lo gasto con una p*ta y se lo meto

Guardo un par de peso’, los demás los gasto
La Mercedes nueva, lo demás en pasto
AsĂ­ de feo, asĂ­ de gordo, le meto cabr*n, Âżo tĂş eres sordo?
La jeva tuya quiere echar un polvo

Más dinero, más problema’, como decĂ­a Biggie
Pa’l c*rajo to’ ello’, prĂ©ndete otro phillie
Mi pasado es negro, pero con eso brego
Y no me esperes esta noche porque yo creo que no llego

[Interludio: Ă‘ejo]

Pérate, pérate, pérate
Mera, deja la pista cabr*n
Que yo escribĂ­ un chanteo nuevo, 2020

[Verso 8: Ă‘ejo]

Me acuerdo cuando estaba bien jodĂ­o’
Que el Ăşnico cheque que estaba a nombre mĂ­o
Era de lo’ cupone’, quĂ© clase ‘e cojone’
Teni’ que me la’ pongo una ve’, despuĂ©’ má’ nunca te la’ pone’

Qué chévere ser grande como decía Héctor
Pero e’ más cabr*n ser humilde a ser un jodĂ­o’ insecto
CambiĂł mi estilo de vida, me hice un par de peso’
Pero segĂşn el progreso tambiĂ©n vienen lo’ tropiezo

Cuando me levanto peco, cuando me acuesto rezo
Una forma ‘e vivir a la cual no to’ el mundo tiene acceso
Pero ya yo no sĂ© ni cuando un abrazo e’ de verdad
Ya ni me doy de cuenta cuando e’ de mentira un hueso

Por eso me importa tre’ c*rajo’ lo que hable la gente
DespuĂ©’ que a la vieja le lleguen to’ lo’ Western
Y los hater’ de verdad pueden mamarse un huevo
Y por supuesto vo’a mamarte ese c*lo de nuevo, ma’


Es mi estilo de vida, my f**kin’ lifestyle, motherf**ker
Mi estilo de vida 2020
DĂ­melo, Colo
Champion Sound, Elektrik, ¿qué pasó?
Nely, cabrĂłn

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