March 1, 2024
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Agust D (Suga) – Honsool ‘혼술’ (English & Romanized Lyrics)

Listen to the song and read the Romanized Lyrics and English Translation of “Honsool ‘혼술’” interpreted by Agust D (Suga).

General Data:

Artist: Agust D
Song: Honsool ‘혼술’
Genre: rap
Album: D-2
Released Date: May 22, 2020

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English Translation

Today I’m going home right after work
Time to face me completely when I enter the room
Room full of silence
I’m done showering and decoding it with alcohol
Maybe the end of a day that I don’t remember very well is alcohol

I managed to manage my lonely day somehow, uh
The schedule for the head breaking is, mmh, three or four a week uh
I’ll some eat and sleep I can’t sleep anyway
I’ll worry tomorrow about tomorrow (F**k, I don’t care)

Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’

I don’t eat snack eaten with drinks I’m afraid
I’m gonna throw up if I put something in there
I’m getting drunk, so let’s be honest about my life

Oh yeah, money, an honor, wealth
Sometimes thropies and stadiums are scary and
I just wanted to run away mm
People think that when they become superstars, they have parties every day
The ideal is hitting hard the back of the head of reality

I don’t care, anyway
Tomorrow comes and goes again
You and me
We made it through the day

Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’

Romanized Lyrics

Oneuldo haru ilgwa machigo baro gwiga
Bangmuneul deureoseomyeoneun onjeonhi nareul majuhaneun sigan
Jeongmagi gadeuk han bang
Syaworeul kkeunmachin daeum sullo haedokane
Gieok jal an naneun haruui machimpyoneun suriljido

Godanhan haru ilgwaneun eojjieojji haenaetgo uh
Gol ppagaejineun iljeongeun iljuire eum set netjjeum uh
Jeokdanghi meokgo jaji mwo eochapi jamdo an oneunde
Naeil ireun naeil geokjeonghaji mwo (F**k, I don’t care)

Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’

Anjuneun an meokge doene mwol jibeoneoeum tohal geo gataseo
Chwigiga ollaonikka soljikaejyeo boja nae sale gwanhaeseo

Oh yeah don myeongye bu
Teuropiwa seutadiumdo
Gakkeumssik museopgo
Mak domangchyeobeorigo sipdeorago eum
Syucheoseutaga doemyeon maeil patireul hamyeo saneun jul
Isangeun hyeonsirui dwitongsureul siwonhage galgineun jung

Sanggwaneopseo eochapi mwo
Naeireun dasi ogo jeomureo
Ireon nado jeoreon neodo
Harureul beotyeonaeneun geoji mwo

Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’
Now I’m feelin’ like I’m flyin’

Credits: Romanized Lyrics were taken from and the English Translation was taken from a Youtube video, you can watch it clicking here.

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