February 29, 2024
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rap / trap

Bad Bunny – 120 (Lyrics & English Translation)

Listen to the song and read the Spanish Lyrics and English Translation of “120 (Ciento Veinte)” interpreted by Bad Bunny.

About This Song

Artists: Bad Bunny
Song: 120 (Ciento veinte)
Translation: 120 (One hundred twenty)
Genres: rap, trap
Album: El Último Tour del Mundo
Release Date: November 27, 2020

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English Translation

For you I’ll get in the car and drive at 120
If you tell me that you want to see me
You’re provoking me, you’re a snake
Psychic, you got into my mind

For you, I’ll go against the current
Don’t take off your clothes without me putting on my glasses
‘Cause I went to see you well, ey
‘Cause I want to give it to you right, ey

Me, lowkey? Nah, I’ll never think about it
Bad Bunny on a beat is a Bugatti in a lane (Uh-uh)
The sun is out and I don’t want to sleep (No)
Move that a*s and I’ll throw you the bands (Eh, eh)

Your birthday is in October, but I want you in April (note 1)
Come, I’m gonna make you squirt
Are we going to the house in P.R. or the one in Beverly Hills? (Uh-uh)
In case the Lakers call me to play

Because you know that here we always crown
Undefeated, we never lose
The baby is dared, that’s why we flex
In the G-Wagon we always light up

F**k you, ey, we’ll ignore everyone
Because no one knows what we have
And how good it feels when we f**k
After we’ll go back to normal without telling each other “I love you”

For you I’ll get in the car and drive at 120
If you tell me that you want to see me
Psychic, you got into my mind

Spanish Lyrics

Por ti me monto en el carro y meto 120
Si me dices que quieres de frente
Me estás tentando, tú eres una serpiente
Psíquica, te metiste en mi mente

Por ti me voy en contra de la corriente
No te quites la ropa sin ponerme los lentes
Que quiero verte bien, ey
Que quiero darte bien, ey

¿Bajarle yo? Nah, nunca se me va a ocurrir
Bad Bunny en una pista es un Bugatti en un carril (Uh-uh)
Ya salió el sol y no quiero dormir (No)
Mueve ese c*lo y yo tiro cien mil (Eh, eh)

Tú cumple’ en octubre, pero yo te quiero “abril”
Ven, que te voy a hacer venir (Uh)
A la casa en P.R. o la de Beverly Hills (Uh-uh)
Por si me llaman los Lakers pa’ dirigir

Porque saben que aquí siempre coronamo’
Invicto’, nunca perdemo’
La baby e’ piquetúa’, por eso roncamo’
En la G-Wagon siempre prendemo’

F**k you, ey, a to’ el mundo le picheamo’
Porque nadie sabe lo que tenemo’
Y lo rico que se siente cuando chingamo’
Después a la normalidad volvemo’ sin decirno’ “te amo”

[Puente Instrumental]

Por ti me monto en el carro y meto 120
Me está’ tentando, tú ere’ una serpiente
Psíquica, te metiste en mi mente

Note 1: In the phrase “Tú cumple’ en octubre, pero yo te quiero “abril””, abril is a month of the year (April), but the Puerto Rican accent usually changes the rs for ls, so that it can be interpreted as “Tú cumple’ en octubre, pero yo te quiero abrir” (Being “abrir” a way to say “f**k”), in that case the translation it would be “Your birthday is in October but I wanna f**k you now”, refering that he doesn’t want to wait until her birthday.

Credits: Original Lyrics were taken from genius.com and we translated this song from Spanish to English.

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