February 24, 2024
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Bad Bunny – Un Verano Sin Ti (English Translation) Lyrics

Here we show you the English Translation of “Un Verano Sin Ti” interpreted by Bad Bunny. Lyrics translated from Spanish to English.

About This Song

  • Artist: Bad Bunny
  • Song: Un Verano Sin Ti
  • Translation: A Summer Without You
  • Genre: pop
  • Release Date: May 7, 2022

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English Translation


I don’t know what happened
Another love that suddenly failed
In my room is raining and outside is the sun
Hey, hey, tell me what happened
If it was me who failed


I’m sorry for being myself, hey
And not being the man you deserved
Maybe I’m going to madurate, but in another life
Nobody was ready to say “goodbye”, to say “goodbye”


And now I gotta spend a summer without you
I’m doing well, I’m not gonna lie
But sometimes your name doesn’t let me sleep
Thinking about all the plans we did, but destiny wanted it this way


You know how I am, baby, I almost never party
And now I’m outside everyday hoping seeing you
Even if it’s from far away, with the hookah and the dance
Tomorrow I’m going to therapy, today I’m going to the party

Another message that I write and don’t send
But just in case I’m gonna save it in my notes
Alejandro Sanz with a broken heart
And me with a broken soul

I’ve given too many love tips
But it seems that they don’t work on me
Maybe somebody made you fall in love
And it hurts me to not be that person

You don’t laugh at my jokes anymore
I’m not the reason of your smile anymore
Your stuff is not in the house anymore
Nor sunsets in Ibiza

Where did that look go?
That without saying a word told me everything
I swear I didn’t imagine how a summer without you would feel or be

Credits: We translated this song from Spanish to English according to the Lyrics shown at Genius.

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