December 8, 2023
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BIZARRAP & TRUENO – TRUENO BZRP Freestyle Sessions #6 (English Lyrics)

Read the English Translation of “TRUENO || BZRP Freestyle Sessions #6” interpreted by Bizarrap & Trueno. Lyrics translated from Spanish to English.

General Data:

Artists: Bizarrap & Trueno
Song:TRUENO || BZRP Freestyle Sessions #6
Lyrics by: Trueno
Prod. by: Bizarrap
Genre: rap
Album: BZRP Freestyle Sessions
Released Date: June 27, 2019

The Argentinian producer Bizarrap continues breaking records and this time his “freestyle session” with the, also Argentine, rapper Trueno, hits more than 100 million views on Youtube. Till the date this is the most viewed freestyle on the entire platform.


English Translation

Yo’, es el Trueno, father
With Biza
Ey, yo’

Put rec on and the session starts
Trueno is the best when he grabs the microphone
I’m the “Chino Maidana”, I’m a champ without belt
If you get into the sea, beware with the shark
I’m so far from home but nearby from the million

All these rappers are talking, but who the f**k are they?
Motherf**ker, how many wrote your song?
I don’t know if they’re right, I don’t know if they’re my sons
I don’t know if they have voice, do you know how they are?

I never saw ’em, anybody can see you there
Homie, you know I do it like this
I’m a dog, you’re a wannabe
I do it like this, I win just because

‘Cause I have flow, ’cause I have freestyle
‘Cause I have hits, ’cause I have a thousand
Of ideas to kill a dumbass, but using rhymes and skills

To hit his face, hit it again and put play
Oh my God, I’m doing whatever I want in this game
They love me and replay my songs, like I use to say “What you gonna say?”
Those rappers are all ninjas f**king up with the sensei

I don’t think they can, I’m on the top, ey
Whenever and wherever you want, my flow take and hit you
I’m a strategist, this is a master rhyme and that’s why everybody feels it
That’s why my rap defenestrates you, I’m doing whatever I want, ah

I’m always chill, I’m always fresh
Leaving my flow in the vynil, I deserve it
The most they look for me, my flow, I dissapear
So I just, ey, I just stay-

In this culture, since some years ago
That’s why now I wanna leave all these battles
But I’m staying ’cause my ego and my spunks are asking me for it

My rhymes don’t fail, b**ch
It seems like you were the stingray
I’m a, eh-, shark, I have the stimulus
Though for a belt they fail

All these rappers, ey, can’t compare
They think Trueno got tong-tied but he hits it and starts again
Real flow, I’m not stupid
I know I ain’t new, they have too much mistakes
For being rooster, they are not even eggs, oh

I send him directly to the kitchen
My flow kills you, I know it murders you
I’m in part a throwing-rhymes

(You better be born again, my n**ga?)
It’s sure that even my neighbor hates me
Because all the music I play
My flow is seriously, papi, I’m until China

Or in Japan, I dunno, I dunno, my bro
Sometimes I don’t modulate, sometimes I swear I’m the best
But I realize it’s not true
Because I got over everything that already happened to me

I’m the first one who (?)
Everybody when I started to rap
So don’t say “what you want?” nor “what happened?”
‘Cause I do it very-very well, my n**ga, your train is already gone

In the last station, my n**ga, I do have the gift
And I do it so chill ’cause I have flow
And because I do it on the beat
Because I have all the class
Because I have the message
Because Trueno does it
Because your rap falls apart

Accelerate to first or second speed
I don’t know where you are but Trueno hits you
We’re makin’ music, yeah, my flow (has the cover?)
Here we’re street guys, don’t get confused

Don’t get confused
Here we’re street guys, don’t get confused
Don’t get confused
Here we’re street guys, don’t get confused

Credits: Lyrics translated from Spanish to English.
  1. “El Chino” is the nickname of the Argentinian former professional boxer Marcos René Maidana.
  2. In some parts I didn’t know what’s the meaning of some phrases or I was not sure. Instead I put a question mark between parenthesis.

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