December 8, 2023
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BTS Jungkook – Stay Alive (English Translation) Lyrics

Here we show you the English Translation of “Stay Alive” interpreted by BTS’ Jungkook. Lyrics translated from Korean to English.

About This Song

  • Artist: Jungkook (of BTS)
  • Song: Stay Alive
  • Genre: kpop
  • Album:
  • Release Date: February 5, 2022

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English Translation

Please stay alive

When did things start to go wrong?
I can’t remember at all
I whisper as I hide myself in this small room

Darkness is my only friend (Only friend)
My hand reaching out for salvation
Am I strange?
A room stained with blood
Please somebody save me

Hide in the moonlight
There ain’t no miracles
My hopes are humble
Hide in the moonlight
I’m not asking for a lot
But I guess it’s too much

At the end of this sleepless twilight
Feels like I strayed through this nightmare with my eyes wide open
Came like a miracle
Look like a miracle
Just like a miracle
Those few words

You are my fate
No words can express it enough
Salvation that saved a wearied me
Is that easier to grasp
Those few words that saved me

I’ll be by your side after many nights
Oh, yeah (Those few words)
I’ll stay by your side even if my feet bleed
Please, you stay alive

You are my salvation
No words can express it enough
Please, you stay alive
Please, you stay alive

Credits: The English Translation was transcribed from the subtitles on the original video.

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