October 3, 2023


Why can’t I copy the Lyrics or the English Translation?

By now I have disabled the option of select or copy the text on this site since I have invested time to do all the translations that are available on engtraslations.com and there are some sites that want to take advantage of it and copy the translation and post it on their own websites, that is why I decided to make this.

Who does the English Translations?

Majority of the English Translations that are posted on this site are made by me, the owner of this website; though, there are another ones that I transcribe from a Youtube video, specially the translation of Korean or Japanese to English, if that is the case I always mention at the bottom of the translation in a text that says “The English Translation was took (or transcribed) from a Youtube video, you can watch it clicking here”.

I want to make a correction, where can I make it?

First I want to let you know that are many cases where we change some words from the original language, with this I mean that the translation of some words are not exactly the same. We do this because of different reasons. Some of them are: the word or phrase has not the same sense in both languages, the word has a ‘difficult translation’ or the word is not in my vocabulary.

If you would like to make a correction or suggestion, you can contact us through our page on Facebook (click here) or making a comment in the specific post you would like to do it.

Any correction or suggestion you have or you would like to do, we would like to know.

Do you do translations in other languages?

I started translating songs from different languages (specially Spanish and Korean) to English, but actually we also translate songs from English to Spanish and Portuguese and sometimes from Spanish to Portuguese.

There is a list of the most common translations I do in EngTranslations:

Translations to English

  • Spanish to English: very frequent
  • Portuguese to English: infrequent
  • Korean to English: very frequent (Always transcribed from a Youtube video)
  • Japanese to English: from time to time (Always transcribed from a Youtube video)
  • Italian to English: infrequent (Usually translated from Italian to Spanish through a Youtube video and then I translate it from Spanish to English)

Translations to Spanish

  • English to Spanish
  • Portuguese to Spanish
  • Italian to Spanish (Usually transcribed from a Youtube video)

You can see all the translations to Spanish we have by clicking here.

Translations to Portuguese

  • English to Portuguese

You can see all the translations to Portuguese we have by clicking here.

You can find a message at the bottom of any translation to know if I have done that one or we transcribed from a video on Youtube. In any case, we always let you know.

How many people are working on this site

Actually I am the only one person working in this website (And I am the owner, as well).

The reason why I put “we translated” is because it sounds better than “I translated”, or at least that is what I think, but in fact it is just me working on EngTranslations.

Probably in a future I would like to have at least one more person working with me, but by now it is just me.

In case you have any other question you can contact us through our Facebook page.