October 3, 2023
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GFRIEND – 回: Walpurgis Night (ALBUM) Lyrics in English & Romanizations

GFRIEND – 回:Walpurgis Night (ALBUM)

About This Album

Album: 回: Walpurgis Night
Tracks: 11
Genre: kpop
Released Date: November 9, 2020

Tracklist & Lyrics

Lyrics are available in English Translation and Romanized Lyrics.

01. Mago
02. Love Spell
03. Three of Cups
04. GRWM
05. Secret Diary
06. Better Me
07. Night Drive
08. Apple
09. 교차로 (Crossroads)
10. Labyrinth
11. Wheel Of The Year ‘앞면의 뒷면의 뒷면’

External Links

Official album for GFRIEND “回: Walpurgis Night” is available on:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6keRNtq7CnhNrD2EIKOA6h

Follow GFRIEND on:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gfriendofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GFRDofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gfrdofficial
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@official_gfriend

Official MVs

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