September 28, 2023
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J Balvin – Dorado (Lyrics & English Translation)

Listen to the song and read the Spanish Lyrics and English Translation of “Dorado” interpreted by J Balvin.

About This Song

Artist: J Balvin
Song: Dorado (Sponsor for McDonald’s)
Translation: Golden
Genre: pop
Released Date: November 21, 2020

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English Translation

José (It’s his real name)
J Balvin, man

I rock it with this one, the atmosphere is perfect
Here we invent what we don’t know
We got people happy
Because where is a latino, there’s party (Leggo)

Ayy, don’t wait for me at home
If I don’t go back home tonight is because I’m partying with my hommies
With my hommies, what’s going on?
Ayy, let’s make the neighbors wake up (Latino gang)
This party is not over
Thanks mom for making me Latino (Let’s see)
Latino, latino

Hang up in the golden bows as it’s known
Where two eat, there’s seat for someone else, even more
This is to take it easy
Momma, don’t stay awake for me ’cause I got the key

We make a party wherever, yeah
Having a good time is the idea
You can even have fun with strangers
But getting to the point, what’s your order?

J Balvin, man

Spanish Lyrics

J Balvin, man

Me fui con esta, el ambiente se presta
Aquí lo que no se sabe se inventa
Tenemo’ la gente contenta
Porque donde hay un latino, hay fiesta (Leggo)

Ay, que no me esperen en la casa
Que si esta noche no regreso es porque estoy vacilando con mi raza
Con mi raza, ¿y qué pasa?
Ay, que se despierten los vecinos (Latino gang)
Este party no lo termino
Gracia’ mamá por hacerme latino (A ver)
Latino, latino

Montado en los arcos dorados como se saben
Donde comen dos, comen tres, hasta más caben
Esto es pa’ cogerla suave
Ma’, no me esperes despierta, que yo llevo llave

La montamos donde sea, yeah
Pasarla bien es la idea
Hasta en carro ajeno se pasea
Yendo al grano, ¿qué desea?

J Balvin, man

Credits: Original Lyrics were taken from and we translated this song from Spanish to English.

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