December 8, 2023
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Jhay Cortez – Los Rompediskoteca (Lyrics & English Translation)

Here we show you the Lyrics in Spanish and English Translation of “Los Rompediskoteca” interpreted by Jhay Cortez.

About This Song

Artist: Jhay Cortez
Song: Los Rompediskoteca
Translation: The Club-Breakers
Genres: reggaeton, pop
Album: Timelezz
Release Date: September 3, 2021

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English Translation


Spanish Lyrics


Credits: We translated this song from Spanish to English according to the Lyrics shown at Genius.

Jhay Cortez – TIMELEZZ

01. Dilema
02. Tokyo
03. Esta Dejá
04. Ley Seca (feat. Anuel AA)
05. Los Rompediskoteca
06. En Mi Cuarto (feat. Skrillex)
07. Mi Vicio
08. Dale Como Es
09. Nos Matamos
10. Ropa Interior (feat. Kendo Kaponi)
11. Los Bandoleros (feat. Arcángel)
12. Me Extraña
13. Dile (Homenaje)
14. Christian Dior
15. Los Bo (feat. Myke Towers)
16. Kobe En LA 2.0
17. Eternamente (feat. Buscabulla)

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