February 24, 2024
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ROSALÍA – abcdefg (English Translation) Lyrics

Here we show you the English Translation of “abcdefg” interpreted by ROSALÍA. Lyrics translated from Spanish to English.

About This Song

  • Artist: ROSALÍA
  • Song: abcdefg
  • Translation:
  • Genres: pop
  • Album: MOTOMAMI
  • Release Date: March 17, 2022

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English Translation


A for alpha, height, alien
B for bandit
C for coquette
D for dinamite
E for expensive, empress, enigma, aware
F for Flux Æon
G for gorgeous
H for Honduras
I for artificial intelligence
J for genet
N for “Don’t even dare to think about it”
O for orchid
P for patron saint
Q for “What a queen!”
R for racineta, racineta, range, racineta, range
S for sata (bad girl)
T for titanic
U for ultrasounds
V for Vendetta
W for Willy Cologne, for Winterfall as well
X for “I’ll clear the X in a moment”
Y for yen, for yantas
And Z for blackberry, or for trampled, or for b**ch as well

Credits: We translated this song from Spanish to English according to the Lyrics shown at Genius.

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